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With over 100 skilled Oracle consultants, BCC Software Solutions can help you get the most out of your Oracle investments. We are a certified Oracle partner Following Oracle s many acquisitions in recent years, BCC Software Solutions has worked with its clients to ensure they make the most of their current investments, are able to benefit from the acquisitions and can plan an upgrade path that adds value and controls costs.

BCC Software Solutions delivers the most practical, effective and economic Oracle solutions to meet our clients’ needs. We make a point of understanding our client’s plans, constraints, and ambitions. Then we bring experts with real-world experience to work with them. As the provider of Application Portfolio Management and BPO services to a number of major Oracle customers, we have developed tools and methodologies that maximize the value of the information held within Oracle systems. For example, our Business Intelligence Maturity Audit helps analyze information inside an ERP system, and then supports the development of a strategy for converting operational data into valuable business insights.

Why consider BCC Software Solutions for your Oracle solution needs:

Strategic thinking and innovation: We start by taking a holistic view of our clients business. We help them identify and extend the business capabilities that give them a competitive advantage, while making the most of their technology investments. Superior, reliable delivery: Using BCC Software Solutions Delivery Methods for Oracle, we implement consistent and reliable Oracle solutions across any industry and business function. Our network of global delivery centers provides flexibility, resources and skills at the closest point to the client. Commitment to Oracle: Industry analysts recognize BCC Software Solutions Oracles partnership as a best practice for business alliances. BCC Software Solutions Oracle demonstrate our commitment to invest in the best solutions for our joint clients though a Master Alliance Agreement that provides a strong framework for future joint development, teaming and mutual success.