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BCC Software Solutions we have a splendid team of employees with required experience and expertise dedicated to provide our clients with high quality tailored software and technology solutions inevitable meet their exact .NET outsourcing requirements. Since we have a taskforce that has equivalent experience in developing and successful completion of projects like CMS, CRM, e-Commerce website, B2B Portals and many more using technologies like ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, Smart Client and SharePoint. We are committed to offer complete solutions to our clients and make sure they are fully satisfied with the quality of our work as we focus our strengths on ASP.NET application development and .NET software development.

BCC Software Solutions is a company where our clients will receive direct access to the potentially skilled, certified and experienced .Net developers that will take away all the hassles of managing and developmental processes of their projects. We definitely one of the best .NET technologies developmental team as it enables out developers to quickly build, deploy, manage and use connected security enhanced solutions with Web Services.

ASP.Net framework is known to support more than 25 .NET languages like VB.Net and C# and we do have a team of developers that cater to all the .NET development requirements of our clients. Our team knows the advantages of using C# as it is object oriented programming language and it is the most required language as it reflects the primary .NET framework on which all the .NET programs run and entirely depends on C#.

On the other hand, VB. Net is an advanced version of VB and most useful in creating .NET applications that includes Web Applications, Client Server Applications and Web Services. Our dedicated team of developers effectively uses different features in VB.Net such as Inheritance method overloading, structured exception handling and free threading. The .NET technologies whenever used by us in development of applications or software’s we are sure to provide the language interoperability, basic operations, improved security and highest quality versioning support.